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Als hobby een passie wordt...
When hobby becomes a passion...
This book would never be possible without the willing and kind help of enthousiast Silkie breeders in Europe and the US.

Silkies and Silkie bantams state of the art Silkie book ever.
Its as thick as Genetics. All full colour high resolution digital print super sharp photos. Breathtaking photos by Angela Schouten of her Silkies in France and photos of lots of other breeders, including new photos of US Silkies.
Added hundreds of photos of Silkies the last 5 years taken of breeding projects. I stopped counting photos at 1000.
Pages: 194, Silkies from Europe, USA, Japan, China.
Ancient history, modern history. Last pics taken September on the Silkie meeting in Holland.
Of course their genetics of colours and extremes are easy explained as you’re used from me. Schemes for easy look up, explanations in words and drawings, selection of specific colours, the troubles, abnormalities, the odds, and rare Silkies from all over the world... more details of the paint Silkes as well (the whites with large black spots, see cover).

Price: 65 euro ex mail and packaging (2 euro special protective book wrap).
Mail costs Holland: 3,65 euro,
Europe 12,95 euro (registered),
World 17,95 euro (registered).

Email me for your copy (including your name and the address where the book should be send to) so I can tell you the payment details (iban bank).

For Europe, Australia/New Zealand (17,95 euro registered mail).
For the USA  Bren’s Cozy Silkies mail her or order below.
1 Silkies
2 All about the history of the Silkie
3 Making Silkie chicks
4 The original: non bearded Silkie
5 Bearded Silkie
6 White skin, frizzle and naked neck in Europe
7 History of the Silkie standards
8 More about standards in historical perspective
9 Silkie standard colour descriptions, Holland
10  History Silkie bantam colours
11 Present Silkie colours and their peculiarities
12 Wings and wing defects
13 Quality Dutch Silkies compared
14 History of the Dutch Silkie Bantams
15 New species: the German Siamese Silkie Bantams
16 Breeding Silkies and Silkie bantams
17 Some genetics of Silkie traits
- crossing explained
- Silkied (h)
- Crest (Cr)
- Beard (Mb)
- Comb (P, R, D^V, He, trifid)
- Eye colour
- Earlobe colour
- Dark skin (Fm, Id)
- Five toes (Po, po-2, Po^d, heterodactyli, polyphalangy)
- Wing
- Leg feathering (Pti-1B & L, Pti-2, pti-3)
- Short outer toe, brachydactyly (By)
- Webfoot (syndactyly)
- Vault, skull knob, protuberance
- Broody behaviour
- Breeding egg quality
- Crooked keel
- Spread legs, cripple (cla, coc, cop)
- Comb in depth
- Frizzled (F)
- Silkied (h) in depth
- Naked neck (Na)
- Simple crosses illustrated
18 Silkie colour genetics
- gene groups
- colours analyzed
19 North American Silkies and showgirls
- standard
- colours
- reality
20 Silkie Miscellanous
- Buying Silkies
- Health Silkie
- Character Silkie
- Introducing newbies
- Japanese Ukokkei
- Chinese Wushan
-- health claims egg
-- eating Silkies
21 Diseases
22 Showing Silkies

Content of the book Silkies and Silkie bantams

Silkies and Silkie bantams is € 65. To Europe, England and Australia and elsewhere in the world email me or use the paypal buttons. For the USA you can order at  Brenda (Texas) and she will send you your copy, signed by me. Contact her, see top page.

Silkie book Europe & UK
(€ 12,95) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 79,95
Silkie book World, Australia, America, Russia
(€ 17,95 registered) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 84,95

Silkies and Silkie bantams