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Als hobby een passie wordt...
When hobby becomes a passion...
Click hier voor het downloaden van een PDF van de eerste 15 pagina’s inclusief inhoudsopgave
Brahma book chickencoloursdotcom.pdf
The Special Edition hard cover on the left.
The soft cover below.
The brahma Book 2016
The book of books on Brahmas both large and bantam is there. Starting in the Summer of 2015 and with the cooperation of many breeders and judges, this work is the history of the Brahma of tomorrow. Most of the existing colours, both standard and non-standad are discussed and illustrated including their details in breeding. Over 1000 photos were necessary for the overview. The history of the Brahma is special for the many events which lead to the stories that are still told today. The history is approached from various perspectives, therefore the reader can choose his/her own, depending on the most suitable. Although the book is packed with technical details, there is room as well for lighter things like the soap stories told in the past. Drama queens are of all times, just like con-artists and of course the genuine breeders.
You, the reader, might tell them apart :-)
In most breed histories, the time between 1914 and the 1970s is hardly covered. Of course the two wars affected the Brahmas, especially in Europe, but they did not vanish like some other breeds. Many old photos of this ‘hidden’ time in the history of our fowls can be found in this book.
On the todays Brahmas are many pages, almost all colours and project colours are discussed plus beautiful photos made of them by their owners. With 308 pages, the Brahma book might be the largest and most complete work on one single breed today.
As always a lot of attention is given to the layout, the graphic design. Wild pages with lots of elements are alternated by calm almost transparent  floating ones. Turning the page you never know what to find on the next.

The Special Edition comes with an Ex Libris (bookplate) that was drawn especially for the book and it is printed on paper with watermark. The design is based on the style of C.J. Culliford who engraved the title page of Ferguson’s book in 1854. The hard cover is handmade because of the small print run. The paper is mc-silk 130 grams.

The soft cover Brahma book has a very firm 300 grams laminated full colour carton cover and the pages are, for this run,130 grams mc-silk as well.
Both books have a so called PUR binding, a new technique binding lots of pages without stitching.

All my books are digitally printed in full colour, small runs, this is called printing on demand. Personally I prefer digital print over conventional for its brilliance of colours, which never can be achieved by ink.
A few random pages of the Brahma book
The ex libris (bookplate) is a small detail to give the extra touch.